Wooords for Android

We’re pleased to announce that Wooords is now available on the Google Play store for FREE thanks to being Ad supported.

iOS and Android players will now be able to compete together daily for global vocabulary supremacy.

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#BecauseWeMay Sale

Wooords is part of the big indie BecauseWeMay sale until the end of May! With over 400 HUNDRED games on sale, now is a great time to pickup some really great titles and support indie developers.

For a complete list of games visit the BecauseWeMay website or follow the #becausewemay

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The Themed Puzzle Pack Update is here!


StrayRobot is pleased to announce the availability of another major Wooords content update. We’ve received numourous requests for more Classic puzzles and this update adds hundreds of new puzzles. We’ve restructured Classic into themed packs, each 9 letter word in a puzzle is related to the theme of the pack its in.

Even More Features

  • RETINA support of iPod/iPhone
  • Word Filter to keep your games clean



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Wooords Update Coming Tomorrow

Wooords content update is coming tomorrow 31 August 00:00 GMT.

As a thank you for your continued support we’ve DOUBLED the number of Classic puzzles and TRIPPLED the number of Word Jam letter sets!

More updates coming soon including multiplayer and landscape support! Please keep sending through your feedback and feature requests.

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One month on the App Store

Wooords has now been on the App Store for a month. The launch was exciting due to it being our first App and we didn’t really know what to expect, however it has gone way better than we ever anticipated.

The dust has begun to settle so we thought we’d share the sales numbers with you.


The game got a great review from NZGamer on launch day, which really helped get the App noticed in New Zealand and Apple immediately featured the game in the Word Game New & Noteworthy on the New Zealand store. We peaked at number 44 Overall in the NZ Top Paid charts during the weekend.

The US launch was a bit slower, we gained some great exposure from TouchArcade’s what’s coming tonight post as well as a bunch of retweets from fellow indie developers.

We gained another great review over the first weekend, but early Monday morning TouchArcade posted a full review which gave the game great exposure.


A week after launch Apple featured Wooords on the iPad New & Noteworthy section in Australia, Canada and the United States which gave the game its biggest push yet.

A week later the UK listed Wooords as a Staff favourite and sales in the UK started to pick up just as the US started to decline.

How did that help? In terms of charts we peaked at #21 overall in US iPad and #30 overall in UK iPad. We held in this top 50 position for about 5 days in the US and around 12 days in the UK store. You can see how this played out during the period on the graph from August 1st to around the 15th.

number of great reviews have been posted since then, including a glowing review on the Appslappy podcast (Starts at 40:30 min).


Wooords has been well received by reviewers and players with an average of 4.5 stars on most stores. The game was posted in TouchArcade’s Best iOS games of July and has a great score on the iPhone Quality Index. To date Wooords has sold just over 20,000 units, which was well above our expectations, with planned updates we’re hoping this will continue to grow.

The Future

We’ve had a lot of great feedback on Wooords and we’re actively working on first big content update based on whats been requested. The update will address many requests including landscape mode (surprising how many people have requested this!) and multiplayer head to head. The future looks Goood.

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Wooords will be available on July 21st!

We’re pleased to announce that Woooords has been approved by Apple and will be available on July 21st

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Wooords has been submitted!

StrayRobot is pleased to announce that Wooords has been submitted to Apple! The game should be available on the App Store this month!

Wooords is a freeform wooord game with unique fridge magnet gameplay that removes all distractions, it’s just you and the letters. Touch, move and combine letters to discover as many wooords as possible. Create combos, earn points, increase your IQ. Each puzzle has one or more nine letter words that offers maximum points. Compete with your friends, compete with the world or just challenge yourself.

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